WCC Report – Council tax has increased by 4.99% with 2% ring fenced for Social Care.  £2.5 million is being spent to transform services so they are more straightforward and convenient as part of a digital transformation programme.

houses with children playing on common land

A positive, proactive and responsive planning system focused on shaping places is vital for the future growth of our society. Where it works well, it is one of the best tools that we have to deliver the homes and jobs where they are needed, in our villages, towns and cities.

WCC rural growth plan presentation cover slide

Rural Warwickshire is home to 169,000 residents and 37% of our businesses. While economically rural Warwickshire makes up 34% of the county’s total output (3.9 billion), more than double the UK average.

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Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA) has launched their Green Future document which outlines their 25 Year Plan to improve the environment. It details how the Government will work with communities and businesses to do this.

Transparency Piggy Bank

Grant Funding Success with the Transparency Fund for Smaller Parish Councils

The application process for the Transparency Fund is now closed.

Stop Cyberbullying image

Please see the attached poster from Compass and Warwickshire County Council cyber safety team. They want to get safety messages out to families around social media and keeping children and adults safe from cyber bullying, especially at this time of year when many children and young people will receive mobile phones for Christmas.

Highways report cover

In December Highways England publishes their first Strategic Road Network Initial Report. The Initial Report sets out their advice to government about where we believe priorities should be focused for the second road period, which runs between 2020 and 2025.

NALC Council Spotlight

NALC Council Spotlight will recognise your council, communities and individuals as well as partners that have championed the great work in the local council sector. It is a free, simple and quick process.