Statement on Standards of Service

The Warwickshire & West Midlands Association of Local Councils (WALC) exists to

  1. Promote the interests, rights, functions and privileges of Member Councils;
  2. Assist Member Councils in the performance of their duties to promote and develop the social, cultural and recreational life of towns and villages;
  3. Promote widespread and well-informed interest in local government.

 To achieve its first objective WALC will

  • Subscribe to the National Association of Local Councils in order to achieve for its Members representation at national level of their concerns and wishes both for themselves and for the communities they represent; to receive all necessary information; to benefit from the specialist legal services provided by NALC and to improve its links and co-operation with other County Associations.  WALC will monitor the subscriptions to and services provided by NALC to ensure good value for money for its Members.
  • When possible respond to consultation documents relevant to the work of parish and town councils within the stated time limits as appropriate.  This task to be undertaken by the County Committee of the Warwickshire & West Midlands Association.
  • Keep in close contact with other County Associations in the West Midlands Region through the West Midlands Grouping of County Associations, in order to facilitate the exchange of information and views and to raise the profile of Member Councils with relevant regional agencies.
  • Liaise with regional, county, district and unitary authorities, with regard to council issues when necessary.
  • Provide a democratic management committee for the determination of policy and organisation of the Association and hold an AGM for its members.

  To achieve its second objective, WALC will 

  • Aim to issue weekly correspondance and regular newsletter free of charge to all its Members to publicise new legislation, changes in its regulations and any item of interest to Member Councils or the communities they serve.
  • Aim to answer written and verbal enquiries and requests for assistance received from the Clerk, Responsible Finance Officer or the Chairman within 5 working days.
  • Wherever necessary, to seek legal advice from Weller Hedlays Solicitors and the National Association of Local Councils on behalf of a Member Council.  In these cases WALC will do its best to ensure that a response is provided promptly.
  • Make its County Officer or a County Committee Member available to attend meetings of Member Councils at the request of the Council.
  • Manage whatever system of financial borrowing approval is in place at the time on behalf of the Government and in co-operation with NALC.
  • Support Area Meetings on behalf of Member Councils to provide a forum for the dissemination of information and to facilitate discussion to enable networking.
  • Aim to work together with any other body or agency interested in enhancing the social cultural and recreational life in the communities Member Councils represent, when relevant.
  • Promote and administer the Local Councils Award Scheme

To achieve its third objective WALC will

  • Provide training for Clerks and Councillors on matters of interest to Member Councils.  Publicise training events, conferences and seminars known to WALC and provided by other bodies likely to be of interest to Member Councils. 
  • Act as lead body in the Area Training Partnership for Parish and Town Councils for the provision and promotion of relevant training and  qualifications for Parish and Town Councils.
  • Publish an Annual Report of the Association’s work.

In addition to its three stated objectives, WALC will

  • Encourage Members actively to promote local interest in their work and keep their electorate informed.
  • Give information on the statutory framework in which Parish and Town Councils must operate to anyone who asks.  It will not, however, offer advice to any but Member Councils.
  • Stock and promote a good selection of publications relevant to the work of Parish and Town Councils.
  • Make its staff and officers available to provide information available at reasonable times.
  • Make regular contact with non-member councils to explain the benefits of membership and to promote the work of the Warwickshire & West Midlands Association of Local Councils.

The Association welcomes comments from Member Councils on its service at any time.


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