Parish Champions

Main Responsibilities:

  • To raise awareness and have regard of issues affecting Local Councils within the District/Borough Council;
  • To respond to invitations from Local Councils to attend meetings of mutual interest;
  • To be the first point of contact for Local Councils in the event of concerns relating to dealings with the District Council;
  • To ensure that Local Councils view are taken into account when the District/Borough Council undertakes consultation;
  • To facilitate discussions in relation to the possibility of devolving services to Local Councils;
  • To encourage joint training events including Councillors from the District/Borough Council and Local Councils
  • To respond to invitations to attend Warwickshire and West Midlands Association of Local Councils (WALC) Area Committees;
  • To attend other Local Council liaison meetings as appropriate.

In order for the role to have a meaningful impact it is suggested that the role should be undertaken by a Member of the Cabinet, or senior Councillor within the Council.

Current Parish Champions