CANCELLED: Warwickshire County Council Consultation Day

CANCELLED: Warwickshire County Council Consultation Day

Warwickshire County Council and WALC are collaborating to organise a consultation day focussed exclusively on Parish Councils.

The County Council have recently developed two important strategy documents and they need to have the views of Parish Councils of all sizes to discuss how the Councils can help deliver action plans to achieve the objectives of these strategies.

To that end a full day consultation event is being arranged at the conference centre at Warwick University Wellesbourne where WALC is based.  It will be free of charge and a buffet lunch will be provided.

The morning session will be focussed on the Heritage and Culture Strategy.  This theme is being interpreted in its widest possible sense; it is not just Museums and Theatres!  It seeks to increase awareness and involvement with all aspects of the history and culture of the County both natural and built. Benefits for health and wellbeing will be promoted. Promotion of local features will help develop a sense of place and identity in local communities and finally this focus will also have benefits for the local economy.

The afternoon session will be discussing the Voluntary and Community Sector Strategy branded as “Connecting Communities”.  For the purposes of this Strategy, engagement with Parish Councils is critical.  The Strategy aims to reduce duplication and fragmentation of support and funding for communities. It recognises the variation in the community sector and aims to treat them equally. The Strategy also looks for ways to promote sustainability and independence of the sector.

 To be successful both Strategies recognise the need for effective partnerships; detailed community engagement and insight. There is a desire to develop new joint projects; provide a voice for local communities and build their capacities.

Parish Councils can contribute local intelligence about their communities; bring new ideas to explore for joint projects and provide the enthusiasm to help improve these aspects of their communities.

In turn this will inform WALCs relationship with Warwickshire County Council going forward and will influence the programme of support that we provide.

Please try to attend this important day and come with a positive mind-set to help drive these Strategies and the associated action plans forward. You will make a difference!

Event date Wed 1 Apr 2020 10:00
Event Ends Wed 1 Apr 2020 16:15
Notes Free to all Councils from Warwickshire County
Location The Conference Centre
Event Categories WALC
Attachment(s) Communities strategy 2020v16.pdf
9.30 am


and refreshments

10.00 am


and housekeeping

10.15 am

Heritage Strategy

there will be a mid-morning break

12.30 pm


a buffet lunch will be provided

1.30 pm

Communities strategy

there will be a mid afternoon break

4.00 pm


and closing remarks

4.15 pm



On entering the campus delegates should take the first turning on the left and go directly to the Conference Centre, which is signposted; and use Car Park 1 opposite the Conference Centre.