circular picnic table in park

WALC Grant Success for Dickens Heath

Dickens Heath Parish Council have recently completed "Phase One" of the improvement plan for their Village Green. New benches, picnic tables, bins and dog bins have been installed, thanks in part to the WALC Community Grant.

Helen Marczak, Clerk, reports that residents have been very complimentary about the work done to date.

Dickens Heath Parish Council are now moving on to Phase Two: new playground equipment.

WALC's community grant is available to WALC members. The fund is limited to 20% of a project cost, and a maximum value of £8,000. Applications are judged on a quarterly basis by a panel consisting of :
WALC's President
a member of the WALC County Committee
an additional independent representative.

Click here for more information about the WALC Community Fund and to download the application form.

We welcome your application!