Bidford on Avon is in Stratford on Avon District

Bidford-on-Avon Parish Council wishes to appoint a project manager to develop and support a project for a new Leisure/Youth Activity Centre in the village.


Bidford already has one sports pavilion on Big Meadow (see the area marked Bid 5 on the appended map).  This is used by the local cricket and football clubs, but while the cricket club are content to stay, winter flooding of Big Meadow makes it difficult to play football.  

Map of Green Spaces Bidford on Avon NDP

A second playing field “Dugdale” (Bid 1 on the map) was transferred to the Parish Council on the closure of the High School and became a Field in Trust during the Queens Jubilee Year in 2012.   This is less susceptible to flooding and has the potential to be the site for a new centre to support a wider range of sporting and recreation activities.  There is also some local demand for space for youth activities, and the report from a survey carried out three years ago is available on the Parish Council’s website at https://bidfordonavon-pc.gov.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/Final-version-Bidford-Report-Enhancing-Community-Facilities-converted.pdf . The current youth centre  building is no longer able to meet all the local demand for youth activity.


The sequence of tasks in developing the new centre is considered to be:

  • Creating a widely based project steering group
  • Carrying out a wider-based survey to confirm the exact level of need for sport and community facilities, including local interests in a wide range of sports
  • Drafting a parish recreation strategy, noting existing facilities
  • Confirming the choice of site and specification for a new centre
  • Developing a business plan to cover both construction and future operation
  • Appointing an architect to develop the building design
  • Making a planning application
  • Fundraising for the construction costs
  • Developing a new community association to manage the new centre
  • Tendering for the construction phase once funds are available

Skills required

To carry out the work, the project manager should have:

  • Past experience of managing community-based projects
  • Experience of managing building development, preferably sports pavilions and/or youth centres
  • Experience of managing tendering exercises
  • Experience of supporting community involvement
  • Experience of publicity and fundraising

Experience of working with a parish council would be preferred.

Contract timeline

The Council is seeking bids for project management to continue over two to three financial years, as it is unlikely any construction could start until summer 2022.

Bids for taking on this work should give a breakdown of the estimated time needed for each part of the project, including an hourly rate, and noting other likely charges and expenses.  This detail together with a note of insurance cover, previous experience and any relevant qualifications, examples of past work, and any comments on the brief, should be returned by noon on Thursday 18th February 2021 to:

Mrs Elisabeth Uggerløse

Clerk to the Council
Bidford Parish Council
c/o Post Office
Salford Road
B50 4AW

or by email to Elisabeth at .


Please contact Elisabeth on 07718 628925 for any further information – Many thanks.