WCC Report – Council tax has increased by 4.99% with 2% ring fenced for Social Care.  £2.5 million is being spent to transform services so they are more straightforward and convenient as part of a digital transformation programme.

Also £220k has been allocated for fibre optic to cover black spot areas; £108k on libraries; £150k for dealing with the problems associated with homelessness; £100k to digitalise the Heritage Collection, and £120k on encouraging health and well being.

WDC Report –  WDC has approved the Council tax for 2018/19 with only a £5 increase. Warwick District is in the bottom quartile of all English councils for its council charge. St Nicholas Leisure Centre in Warwick will be re-opening on Saturday 24th March after its makeover.  WDC funded Leisure Centres previously cost the taxpayer several hundred thousand pounds each year and will now deliver an income of over a million pounds per annum, with an expected increase in membership.

Shrewley Parish Parents - The planning application for the children’s playground at the Village Hall has been submitted to WDC. Future SPPG events are advertised on Notice Boards and Shrewley website. For more details contact Eliza 07891871297 or

Friends of Hatton Station – Chiltern Railway are to remark the old car park spaces when the weather improves.  Jeremy Wright MP has contacted Network Rail regarding the refurbishment of Hatton Station bridge. 

Neighbourhood Watch – Residents are warned that burglaries of shed/outbuildings in the parish are on the increase.  Please ensure you have adequate security in place. Low cost shed alarms are a good deterrent.

Phone boxes in Little Shrewley and Hatton Station – Offers of help to maintain the boxes along with suggestions for use are always welcome! 

The Durham Ox is now closed for refurbishment – progress updates are available on Twitter and the website –

Highway and Public Footpath/Towpath Maintenance and Repair – A patching order has been raised for the Station Road/B4439 junction as the surface is deteriorating. Repair to the eroded road surface between 100 and 102 Station Road has been completed. 

The Community Payback Scheme is to be asked to help reinstate the footpath along Case Lane to Five Ways island.  A request has been made to WCC Forestry to prune back the conifers at the end of Ash Close.  Two potholes opposite Boundary Cottage B4439 have been reported. 

Warwickshire Rights of Way Team has an online Fault Report System However, 6 fault reports which were submitted for Shrewley last year remain unresolved. A broken marker post at the rear of the Village Hall has been reported.

A list of reported Highway and public footpath faults can be viewed on from the Parish Council page. If you know of any unreported problems, please let the Parish Council know.

Village Hall – New hall chairs have been delivered and the new curtains will arrive shortly.  Due to problems with the main drain a pipe had to be relined costing nearly £4k. A contribution towards this will hopefully be available from the Community Forum.  ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ is showing at the film night on 13th April.  There is a quiz night on 8th June and a race night on 16th November.  Elaine Hall will be taking bookings for the Village Hall on 01926 843624.

For all Village Hall events see Parish/ Village Hall notice boards and website

Parish Clerk - Eleanor Choudry 07785327513

The Annual Parish Meeting will be held on Tuesday 3rd April at 7pm

All residents of Shrewley are welcome

This newsletter is published after the Parish Council meeting. It is also available on the website – If you would like to receive a copy of this newsletter by email, please send your email address to the Parish Clerk at .


Home to School Transport Briefing

Cabinet met on January 25th 2018 to consider proposed changes to its Home to School Transport Policy.  These changes were to bring consistency, to bring the Council in line with statutory expectations, and to contribute towards savings targets.

As a result of the meeting on January 25th, Cabinet resolved:

  1. a) That from 1st September 2019 the definition of “nearest qualifying school” is altered to include only the school closest to the pupil’s home by the shortest route with a pupil place available, in line with statutory requirements. 
  1. b) That from 1st September 2019 pupils with special educational needs and / or disabilities living within statutory walking distance receive transport assistance only if attending the nearest suitable school with a place available, and assessed as being unable to make the journey without transport assistance, even if accompanied.
  1. c) That from 1st September 2018 free transport is no longer provided on medical grounds for students aged 16-19.
  1. d) That from 1st September 2018 passenger assistants are provided only on vehicles carrying pupils with an Education Health and Care Plan, or in other very exceptional circumstances. 
  1. e) That the Independent Travel Training Scheme is included in the revised policy.
  1. f) That from 1st September 2018 free transport is provided where necessary for learners aged 19-25 with special educational needs and / or disabilities in line with requirements of the Children and Families Act 2014.

Having regard to the concerns raised by the consultation exercise, by Overview and Scrutiny and by local members, Cabinet resolved  that it would be appropriate to reconsider the re-classified walking routes as outlined In the Cabinet paper, therefore for the time being all routes classified as 'dangerous' will remain so.