Cllr Roger Clay at the Royal Garden Party May 2016

WALC would be grateful to receive member council’s nomination (one councillor plus a companion) to attend a Royal Garden Party to be held on Thursday 31st May 2018.

Please complete and return the nomination form by noon Wednesday 31 January 2018.

The Lord Chamberlain imposes strict deadlines for the receipt of nominations, so any nominations received after this time will not be entered for the selection.

Please read the following notes prior to nominating

Invitations are in recognition of PAST service as Chairmen of Parish Council and Town Mayors in England and it is therefore appropriate that outgoing members, rather than those newly elected, should be invited to attend.

  • Guests should NOT have previously attended a Garden Party. This must be emphasised to potential guests.

  • It is essential that all details given are correct as inaccuracies have, in the past, caused distress and embarrassment. 
    Please therefore ensure that all names and addresses reflect each guests' form of identification that they will be asked to bring with them e.g. Passport, driving licence to allow them to gain access to the event. If in doubt, please check with the guests.  For example, if somebody is known as Mike but the name as it appears on their passport is Michael John, please ensure that this is written on the form.

  • Ensure all nominated guests are accompanied, with each guest being accompanied by one companion only.

  • All names submitted must number within your overall quota. (Therefore a guest and companion are 2 guests).

  • Ensure that no one under the age of 18 years is nominated as a guest or to accompany a guest.

  • Guests who require assistance MUST be accompanied and this must be made clear on the form.  The entrance to and the grounds of the palace is accessible by wheelchair and disabled parking is close to the palace entrance.  If disabled parking is required, this must be made clear.

  • All nominated guests must be British or European Union citizens, although their companion may be of other nationalities. However all guests, nominated or accompanying, must be resident in the United Kingdom.

  • Buckingham Palace have specifically stated that late changes to nominations cannot not be entertained by the palace.  Therefore once details have been submitted to the Palace this cannot be changed.

  • Please remind your guest(s), that in the event they are unable to attend a Garden Party for whatever reason they will not be invited again.

  • Invitations will be issued approximately 6 weeks prior to the Garden Party and this pack of information is very detailed.  Your nominated guests might also find it helpful to follow this link -

  • If a guest has not received their invitation within three weeks of the date of the garden party, please contact WALC directly.

  • All communications to Buckingham Palace should carried out via ~WALC rather than directly.

  • Unlike in previous years, please note that there will be no parking facilities available for guests with the exception of disability badge holders (blue badge holders) which should be noted on the form.  The palace will contact that guest requesting details of the disability badge.

Please enter details of these on the nomination form as shown on passports or driving licences.

Please check that the nominees are available on Thursday 31st May 2018 before submitting their names.

NO CHANGES CAN BE MADE TO THOSE NOMINATED AFTER NOON WEDNESDAY 31 JANUARY 2018. All expenses on the day are to be met by the lucky nominees unless their council agrees to reimburse them.

If you do not hear from the Association by the 2nd February 2018 please assume that on this occasion your nomination has not been selected. 

We look forward to receiving the completed nomination form.

If you prefer to complete a paper copy of the nomination form please contact the WALC office and we will email you a MS Word version.