photo of Sue Baxter Chair of NALC

NALC chair, Cllr Sue Baxter has penned an open letter to all councillors following the local elections last week.  — read the full letter

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As a contribution to NALC’s work on climate change, Staffs Parish Councils Association have published a brief commentary on the powers which local councils possess which can help tackle climate change.

Accountability and Governance Practitioners' Guide 2021

Internal audit is a timely subject featured on the NALC blog through a really interesting piece by Eleanor Green, Secretary to the Parish Internal Auditors Forum, who reminds us that

Scorton village green children kicking a football

Does your Council own a green space which you would like to see protected and enjoyed by local people for ever?  If so, the Open Spaces Society recommends that you consider voluntarily registering it as a town or village green. You can do this, under section 15(8) of the Commons Act 2006, with your county or unitary council, which makes no charge for the application. Once registered as a green, local people will enjoy the right to recreation there, and the space is protected for ever from development—what a gift to your community!

poster for talk on saving energy costs for councils

If you are responsible for street lighting or running a community building, then a recent talk by Clear Utility Solutions hosted by WALC might be of interest.

hands of elderly man holding phone

The Centre for Ageing Better published its Ageing in a rural place report. With roughly 70% of local councils are in rural areas, the report looks at the specific challenges that rural populations face, such as housing, employment, protection of local buildings and assets, and transport links. Find out more about the Centre for Ageing Better work.

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And Be Rewarded - In Time!
Timebanks are a way for people to help others in their community and be rewarded for it – in time. For every hour you give helping someone, you receive one hour back, called a time credit. Everyone’s time is valued equally, so one hour of sharing skills or helping others is recognised by giving that person one hour as a time credit – a community loyalty point.

open green space lined by trees

This week, NALC released the Tree Charter case study publication which, captures the stories of local councils who were featured in the monthly Tree Charter newsletter.

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Natural England last week published a new Countryside Code to help people enjoy the outdoors as lockdown restrictions ease. A timely publication for rural councils facing the social problems that come with increased  footfall, the accompanying informational posters promote respect for others, protection of the environment, and responsible enjoyment of the outdoors.