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Kim Slater, WRCC, reports on queries regarding dance classes since new government guidance issued on 24th September

“From 28th September singing in groups is restricted to 6 people and there should not be any dancing or loud music”

ACRE believes that this is unlikely to stop dance classes in village and community halls. They believe that the new legislation is aimed at pubs, bars and restaurants where there may be dancing by members of the public.

However, this is not made clear in the new guidance for village and community halls which seems to prohibit all dancing. ACRE are urgently seeking clarification from the government on this issue. In the meantime, Kim feels that the only advice he can offer is to stop all dancing (including dance classes) until village halls told otherwise.

Incidentally, “loud music” is defined in the legislation as “music…which exceeds 85dB when measured at the source of the music”. You can get apps that will measure sound in dB for most smartphones.

ACRE has published the latest update of their information sheet on re-opening village halls. This update includes guidance about the new Rule of 6. You can download the Information Sheet and all of the appendices at

Some halls have been kind enough to share examples of policies, procedures and risk assessments they have completed when preparing to re-open. You can find them at WRCC's website with links to the hall websites.

Village hall management committees in Warwick and Stratford-on-Avon District

Local health organisations have a stock of non-medical grade PPE and have made a supply available to community organisations for free. The limited supply consists of face visors, masks and aprons. Email Kim Slater for a short application form and to arrange distribution/collection.

And finally... have you considered using a misting machine for cleaning? This creates a fine mist of disinfectant within an enclosed space and claims to thoroughly disinfect the area in 30 minutes, though leaving overnight is recommended. Shotteswell Village Hall have purhcased a machine and are happy to hire it to other halls with a supply of disinfectant. This may be particularly useful if halls are concerned about cleaning curtains or other upholstery. Please contact Shotteswell at for details.