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Warwickshire’s approach to support the most vulnerable

Warwickshire’s public, voluntary and community services are working together to ensure those most clinically vulnerable to COVID-19 are supported during an extended period of isolation. This is known as ‘shielding’.

This is a Government-led programme to shield individuals who have been asked to isolate themselves for at least twelve weeks.

These people have been contacted directly by NHS England and in the first instance should register their need for support via a national website and helpline. Following this they will then be directed to local support. 

In Warwickshire, we have set up infrastructure across the County through public services, our incredible network of volunteers and local business to help the most vulnerable to cope during this time.

Locally, a dedicated hotline has been set up so people can contact us to request information and support during these difficult times. This way we can help people to access food and any additional supplies they might need. We will also be able to provide further help through public, voluntary and community services.

Local communities are stepping up to the challenge and many new voluntary groups have emerged. This approach will help us to join up such groups and we will build upon this approach as we know more about the most vulnerable. 

It is crucial that this support is targeted to those in most need - those who are unable to secure help through their existing support and care networks.

We are asking for your support in ensuring the Hotline Number is used only by those most in need. The hotline number is 0800 4081447.

All other council enquiries will be responded to via usual channels. We are here to help everyone and will continue to support and guide all residents to find the help they need.

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