Shrewley Village

WDC Report – During the Covid-19 pandemic, the District Council has been helping retail and businesses get back into operation. Grants given to businesses in Shrewley total £200k including the Durham Ox. Pubs and pavement licences have raised some concerns for the spread of Covid-19 if the rules are not properly followed.

At the recent Council meeting an attempt to extend the delegated decision powers which have deprived parish councils and residents of their democratic part in decisions was withdrawn.

The Government has recently amended the Use Classes so that many more changes of use, such as shops to cafes, are possible without requiring planning permission.  The aim is to create flexibility to support town centres but small shops more than 1 km from the next nearest will be protected as local community uses.

The White Paper on the future reorganisation of the local government has not yet been published. However, without consultation with those affected, the County Council have proposed a County-wide unitary authority. This is a possible solution but there are others such as a North-South division and the Five Boroughs and Districts are jointly investigating the whole picture.

The Government is currently consulting on a White Paper proposing a rehash of the whole planning system. The devil is no doubt in the detail and some aspects are a real cause for concern.  Neighbourhood Plans remain part of the system but it is not clear how the two will work together.  

WCC Report – Some staff were redeployed during the pandemic in different ways including running a PPE warehouse, test and trace and managing outbreaks.  Many staff are still working from home due to not being able to social distance in the office space. With Covid expenditure of £1 million, work on next year’s budget has started along with a recovery plan.    

Hatton Station Phone Box – Thanks to Sheona Alemi and Neal Soutter for organising the refurbishment of the telephone box which looks fantastic!

Highway and Public Footpath/Towpath Maintenance and Repair
Thanks to John Miers who removed a fallen tree on the footpath to Little Shrewley from the Hockley Road. We also reported a fallen tree on the canal towpath by Bridge 58 which has now been removed.

Warwickshire Rights of Way has an online Fault Report System and a list of reported public footpath faults in Shrewley Parish can be viewed on from the Parish Council page.  

For some months, the PC has been asking for a new Vehicle Activated Speed sign on the Hockley Road outside Barn Close Nurseries, to replace the sign demolished in a road traffic accident. This was planned to be installed by late Spring and has not yet been done. Following a number of recent accidents on this bend, we have been pressing the Council and are now assured that it will be installed in the near future.

Following the flooding in Little Shrewley recently, engineering works are now proposed to investigate the problem.

There is a link to reported Highway problems - enter your postcode for local reported problems.

Friends of Hatton Station - The planters and the wildflower border have provided a colourful display this summer. Chiltern Railways has been asked to consider amending their on-train and station announcements regarding the wearing of face masks and to add an instruction regarding the disposal of used masks, as several have been discarded on the platform when passengers alight.  Summer watering has been carried out by Graham Bamford and Mark Beaglehole.

Village Hall – The children’s tuition classes have begun, following Covid-19 guidelines.  The Hall is now opening for further bookings and as soon as it is safe to do so the Social Club will return. Shrewley Parish Parents have raised nearly all the required funds for the playground and hope to start in the Spring.  For all Village Hall events see the Parish/ Village Hall notice boards and website

Parish Clerk - Eleanor Choudry 07785327513 

Next Parish Meeting by Zoom - Monday 2nd November at 7.45pm
All residents of Shrewley are welcome 

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