WDC Report ­– A suspected arson attack at the Sea Scouts hut caused extensive damage and spread to the new recreation centre.  The hall roof needs to be repaired but the swimming pool and gym are still open

WDC Officers and a cross-party group of Councillors have developed ‘The Climate Emergency Action Programme’ that advocates strong local leadership and significant investment to change our future for the better.

This Plan will enable the Council to be carbon neutral by 2025 and help the District to also be carbon neutral by 2030, plus make necessary local preparations for climate disasters such as flooding. Councillors believe that the fairest way to raise the money locally is through our Council Tax and will be asking residents for an increase of £1 per week (for a Band D property)

at a Referendum to be held on 7 May, which would put £3m per year into a ring-fenced Climate Action Fund.

District Cllr Richard Hales will be speaking about the Climate Emergency Fund at the Shrewley Annual Assembly on Tuesday 31 March.

Neighbourhood Watch – Residents are warned that burglaries in the parish are on the increase.  Please ensure you have adequate security in place.

Highway and Public Footpath/Towpath Maintenance and Repair –

The deep pot holes along Station Road have been reported along with the blocked culvert that is causing the flooding.  New footpath posts have been erected at Hatton Station. Cllr Soutter is to contact WCC regarding the flooding in Little Shrewley due to damaged drains.

Warwickshire Rights of Way has an online Fault Report System http://www.warwickshire.gov.uk/rowreporting and a list of reported public footpath faults in Shrewley Parish can be viewed on www.shrewley.org. from the Parish Council page.  There is also a link to reported Highway problems - enter your postcode for local reported problems. All reported faults remain outstanding.

Shrewley Common Traffic Calming – Councillors are investigating the cost of speed gates at either end of the village to try to reduce speeding traffic.

Vehicle Activated Sign - Barn Close Bend – The insurance company has agreed to pay in full after the sign was demolished in an accident.

A replacement has been scheduled for the spring.

Little Shrewley Notice Board – Cllr Soutter is to repair the notice board.

Hatton Station Phone Box – A £200 grant has been paid by the Parish Council towards the cost of replacing the glass panes in the phone box.

Friends of Hatton Station - Resident Paul Tilley is looking into accreditation from ACoRP (Association of Community Rail Partnerships). The old car park will be resurfaced and parking spaces marked by the end of March.  The station was visited by senior Network Rail engineers who commented how tidy the station looked with its planters and promised to help get the shelters replaced and footbridge refurbished.  Thanks to Paul for all his hard work. 

Canal & River Trust - Shrewley towpath volunteers have reported a reduction in littering along the towpath.  If any residents would like to find out more about adopting the section from bridge 57 to Hatton Station please contact Lindsay on 01926 842160 for more details.  Anybody who picks up a bit of litter is a de facto member of this group if they tell Lindsay, who reports back to C&RT on a weekly basis.  Thanks to the team at Canal & River Trust for promptly clearing fallen trees along the canal after the recent storms.

Village Hall – The field reinforcement will be rolled to level the ground when the field has dried sufficiently. Shrewley Parish Parent Group have been successful in their application to the WDC RUCIS fund for a grant of just over £16,300 representing 50% of the total cost of the new playground. From other small grants, the PC contribution and funds they have raised themselves, they have about £4300 left to raise.

For all Village Hall events see the Parish/ Village Hall notice boards and website www.shrewley.org.   Future SPPG events are also advertised on notice boards and Shrewley website. For more details contact Eliza 07891871297 or .

Parish Clerk - Eleanor Choudry 07785327513  

Annual Parish Meeting – Tuesday 31st March at  7pm

All residents of Shrewley are welcome

This newsletter is published after the Parish Council meeting. It is also available on the website – www.shrewley.org. If you would like to receive a copy of this newsletter by email, please send your email address to the Parish Clerk at