carbon footprint data at sample parish level

The Centre for Sustainable Energy has launched a parish-scale carbon footprinting tool to give town and parish councils data on their carbon emissions that is easy to interpret and easy to share.

It allows non-expert users to see their parish’s carbon footprint, and to compare it to other parishes, or to their local authority, or even to the national average. The website gives further detail on using the Impact tool and advice on how to interpret the results, with links to resources and other organisations that can help. View the Impact Carbon Footprint User Guide video

Parishes and towns can use and compare this data to help them target and coordinate action in areas that will make the biggest contribution to cutting local emissions. Click here to search for your town or parish

“We know that local authorities and central government are working on climate emergency plans, and that carbon footprinting at these larger spatial geographies is commonly commissioned" said CSE’s project lead, Rachel Coxcoon.

"We know also that many concerned individuals are already using the wide range of personal carbon footprint tools available on the internet. But we identified a real gap for carbon footprinting at the small community scale which takes into account the lack of specialist knowledge among community groups and the lowest tier of local government. Impact fills this gap. And as well as being clear and useable, it will also give you pointers, once you understand your community’s impact, on what to do next."

SLCC reports that CSE was able to make the case to the Government to provide funding in part due to evidence of need gathered from clerks and councillors across England who took part in the CSE/SLCC climate emergency webinar series during 2020.