On-Call Firefighters Needed in Warwickshire

Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service would like to join forces with local Parish and Town Councils and ask for help in promoting recruitment of on-call firefighters in Warwickshire. On-call firefighters are integral to Warwickshire Fire & Rescue Service's critical work to keep the county's communities safe. They respond to a range of emergencies and engage with their local communities in numerous ways but it is often struggle to secure enough applications.

Warwickshire's Fire & Rescue Service could not protect the community the way it does without on-call firefighters. They run their on-call recruitment campaigns twice a year but they always have vacancies available.

Residents have to understand that although there are local stations across the County, it is often struggle to have enough fire-fighters to drive those vehicles. The Service wants to protect its communities but it cannot do it without the help of the local people. Please encourage residents to consider becoming an on-call fire fighter to help the community.

Attending Annual Meetings at Town and Parish Councils would give the Service an opportunity to talk about the importance of on-call, discuss challenges and ask the public and Local Councils for help. Together, we can do better and find innovative ways to inspire people to consider an on-call role.

For more information and to arrange a visit please contact:

Gosia Zielinska

Community Engagement, Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service

Warwickshire County Council

Mobile: 07876 217647

Email: mailto:GosiaZielinska@warwickshire.gov.uk

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