LCR Spring 2020 cover

The Spring edition of NALC’s flagship magazine, LCR, is now available to read, for free, online so, you can now scroll through the issue to study must-read information and practical advice.

Included in this issue is a special section related to the coronavirus

, with articles on:

  • how to manage your volunteers, 
  • how you have been responding to and leading on the pandemic, and 
  • how to keep your momentum going while you are working from home.

Plus, you can gather tips and inspiration from our other articles, including ones on:

  •  councils that are successfully engaging with their young people, 
  • councils making strides on the climate change emergency, and 
  • our comprehensive round-up of what you believe needs to be done to encourage more candidates to stand for local election.

There’s so much more for you to read, so take a look.  
Member Councils will also be sent a copy in the post as part of your membership subscription.  If you would like to order additional copies please contact Alison.