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NALC Statement to the Government's Response on Ethical Standards

The National Association of Local Councils (NALC) has released a statement to the government's response to the Committee on Standards in Public Life (CSPL) report on local government ethical standards.

Cllr Keith Stevens, NALC chair, said: I am bitterly disappointed by the government's light touch, totally inadequate response to the CSPL report on local government ethical standards.

It will do nothing to help stamp out poor behaviour in councils at all levels where it exists, and I would strongly urge ministers to have a rethink. 

"Coming over three years since the committee published its thorough 110-page report, the government’s 12-page response simply fails to properly address its recommendations and dismisses nearly all of them.

"The response falls woefully short of taking seriously the changes needed to address and improve standards in local government, including the introduction of sanctions for poor behaviour which NALC called for and the committee agreed with.

"There is an obvious gulf between the high standards of conduct and behaviour the local (parish and town) council sector wants to see and which is supported by a more effective regime, and the kind of standards in public life the government expects.

"It is only by taking the committee’s recommendations forward as a complete package, rather than simply a commitment to further work to support local government, will we be able to continue to promote and uphold the high standards of conduct we all expect and to tackle poor behaviour where it exists.

NALC will work with the government on the areas where they have committed to further work to support local government. NALC will also continue to work with its partners and other representative bodies to press for the changes needed to strengthen the standards regime.”

Read the government's response to the CSPL report

Read the chair of the CSPL statement on the government's response

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