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NALC has issued the following advice.

"There is an official period of mourning up to and including next Saturday 17 April (see Government Guidance). We understand that the period started last Friday 9th April. The period of mourning triggers the provisions of s243 of the 1972 Act.  As a result, these days should be excluded for calculation of time and any timescales that end in this period should be postponed until the first day after the period in accordance with section 243 of the 1972 Act."

This would mean that any forthcoming Parish Council meetings that were advertised last week would need to have been posted on Monday 5th April to allow the three clear days notice (Tuesday to Thursday) before the period of mourning started on the Friday.

It is possible to post the summons / agenda during the period of mourning so the first meeting can take place on Thursday following, i.e. 22nd April (with Monday - Wednesday being the "clear days").  It brings the possible date for a meeting forward by one day if it helps!

NALC also believe that as no distinction is made in s243 of LGA 1972 then the period of mourning also impacts on the 7 days notice required for the Parish Meeting (Assembly) therefore 9th April - 17th April inclusive cannot be included in the seven days notice.