Councillor Tony Gillias

For Rugby Borough

Councillor Tony Gillias

Following the adoption by Rugby Borough Council of the Warwickshire Local Councils Charter in 2015, a borough wide Parish Champion needed to be appointed to provide support and assistance to parish councils, where possible. I am particularly honoured to be that person.

During my mayoral year of 2013/14 and as a rural councillor, I made it my duty to visit all areas of the borough, both urban and rural. This resulted in many journeys to all corners of the borough and the creation of ‘The Picture of the Borough’ which now hangs in the corridor leading to the Council Chamber at the Town Hall. The 41 parishes, incorporating 58 villages and hamlets were all visited, and you will agree form a most important and individually unique asset to Rugby.

In most cases, your Rugby Borough ward councillors will support and assist your parish council in all relevant matters. However, further leverage could be applied by your parish champion, where possible.

The role of the Parish Champion is to:

  • advocate the Warwickshire Local Councils Charter;
  • raise awareness of issues affecting parish councils;
  • be a point of contact for parish councils in relation to dealings with Rugby Borough Council and Warwickshire County Council;
  • encourage joint training events together with Rugby Borough Council and Warwickshire County Council;
  • respond to invitations from parish councils to attend meetings of mutual interest;
  • ensure that parish councils views are taken into account when Rugby Borough Council and Warwickshire County Council undertake consultations;
  • facilitate discussions in relation to the possible devolution of services to parish councils;
  • respond to invitations to attend Warwickshire and West Midlands Association of Local Councils area committees; and
  • liaise with other parish champions within Warwickshire.