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These are unprecedented times that understandably will cause concern in our communities.  In light of further developments and the announcement this week by the Prime Minister that everyone should stay at home unless certain conditions apply, I wanted to reassure you that Warwickshire Police will continue to work hard to keep you safe and to support all of our communities throughout the coming weeks.

This is a national public health emergency and we are working closely with our partners across local authorities, emergency services, health and local charities to ensure we support the collective effort to slow the spread of COVID-19 and maintain essential services for our communities and in particular those who are most vulnerable.

Like everyone, we as an organisation are feeling the impact of this pandemic and we have seen a short-term rise in workforce absence with some staff required to self-isolate in accordance with Public Health England advice.  We have a fantastic workforce who will rise to the challenge and we will continue to do all we can to keep them and their families safe as they deliver the best policing services possible. 

This of course places greater pressure on policing, but we continue to deliver essential policing services 24/7 across the County.  We are working hard to prioritise the most urgent calls for service so I would ask for your patience when seeking our services.

I urge every single one of us to play our part in protecting our communities and keeping people safe.  For most, this will be staying at home, which will help to slow the transmission of the virus, reduce pressure on the NHS and ultimately save lives.

We are working with national policing colleagues to fully understand the powers that will be available to the Police to enforce the Prime Minister’s announcement, but use of these will not be necessary if we all comply with the advice.  Our officers and staff will continue to provide high visible policing in towns and villages across Warwickshire and they will take appropriate action to enforce the new measures where people do not comply.

I want to thank all communities for their support, patience and understanding at this critical time.

Martin Jelley QPM
Chief Constable
Force Executive Team
Warwickshire Police Headquarters
Leek Wootton
CV35 7QA

Tel:  (01926) 415003   

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