good councillors guide to cyber security book cover
According to David Hall, Director of Cloudy IT, writing for NALC, Councils are now moving away from Zoom,  due to its limited functionality. He argues they need a "more robust system... including the ability to safely share large numbers of often sensitive documents, manage legal issues around data security and accessibility, and support remote teams so they feel connected and engaged." 
Cloudy IT is holding a free, online, Meeting & Document Management Summit on 30 March, from 9.45 am - 2 pm, supported by NALC. The focus will be on how to get the most out of Microsoft Teams, from efficient agenda creation, accessible and simplifying communication, to automating tasks like filing, transcription, and meeting management.
Smaller Councils with a more limited budget will benefit from downloading The Good Councillor's Guide to Cyber Security in partnership with Microshade VSM. These Councils tend to rely on a single device - usually the Clerk's - who holds all current and historical information on the council's activities. If that device is lost or broken, a few simple, pre-emptive steps to minimise risks and back up data could transform a crisis into a manageable situation.

Microshade VSM offers offers secure cloud storage for document management at a fixed fee as well as a GDPR package specifically for Town and Parish Councils, including an audit check and a Data Protection officer support service.

Councils could also consider using OneDrive or GoogleDrive to work collaboratively, sharing documents across members ahead of meetings, and securely storing Council documents.