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New guidance has been published to show local communities how heritage can be incorporated into neighbourhood plans.

The NT writes:

The National Trust’s new neighbourhood planning and heritage guidance aims to help communities take a lead in the planning of historic areas, by identifying and safeguarding their local heritage. By creating a Neighbourhood Plan, communities can create general planning policies for development of land in their area. Through this, they have an opportunity to create a vision for the future of their area, agreeing what is special and how local character can be preserved and enhanced….

Our new guide describes how heritage can be incorporated into neighbourhood plans. This includes everything from guidance on collecting your evidence base, engaging with wider stakeholders, the statutory process and planning for heritage.

View the Guide to Heritage in Neighbourhood Plans. The guide covers heritage policy and designations, the neighbourhood plan process, the evidence base, community and stakeholder engagement, basic conditions and heritage, writing the plan, and community-led development and projects.