I have been approached by some small councils asking about delegated powers as they haven't done this before.

The following items must not be delegated to the Clerk:-

  • levying or issuing a precept
  • borrowing money
  • approving the Councils annual accounts
  • considering an auditors report made in the public interest
  • confirming that the council has satisfied the statutory criteria to exercise the general power of competence
  • adopting or revising the Councils code of conduct

Other tasks are up for consideration and I have attached a series of examples of approaches that PCs have taken there are many examples on the internet.

Given the difficulty with holding public meetings at present I suggest that delegation to the clerk to respond to planning applications should be on the list.  The Council needs to consider the caveats they wish to stipulate eg must have discussion with Chair and one other councillor by phone/email to obtain their views.  Remember, with delegated powers the clerk makes the decision the councillors give their views.

Anything that is delegated must comply with the powers available to Parish councils and to your Standing Orders.  If you should have the General power of competence then the options available to you are much more extensive.  It is worth thinking about the assets you have and what could go wrong and delegate the powers to put things right.

I hope this is useful and you can get ideas from the attachments.  NB they are all PDFs but there are free converters to Word on the internet - try iLove