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A Community Speedwatch newsletter is being circulated to Warwickshire Councils. No CSW activity has been able to place place due to the pandemic; however, it is hoped that it will be reactivated as of 29th March, if the roadmap remains on track. No anouncement will be made until the date for the "rule of 6" is confirmed.

  • Introducing Warwickshire Police Road Safety Unit (WRSU)
  • CSW Training Unit and speed detection device training
  • Road Safety campaigns for 2021 including (not) using mobile phones whilst driving
  • Confrontation letters and Data Recording Sheets

CSW Newsletter March 2021.

If Councils have any queries, please contact Elisabeth Uggerlose at i .

The aim of CSW is to make our roads safer, and to ensure no CSW members or the public are put at risk, a full risk assessment is carried out for each group.

If you are interested in forming a CSW group in your area, please contact your local Safer Neighbourhood team. The details of your local SNT can be found by visiting and entering your location.

For more information about CSW, visit