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Great Western Railway are now welcoming bids to the next year of their Customer & Communities Improvement Fund.

CCIF is about providing funding support to projects which provide benefits to the communities served by the GWR network which includes Stratford District as the line runs just outside Warwickshire along the south western edge of the district.  Projects are sought 'in close proximity to the line' w 

Guidance about CCIF, eligibility, and the bidding process can be found here

Once you have a Project in mind, we encourage you to prepare and submit your bid online here by 31 October 2018

How it works

Funding of £750k is expected to be made available by GWR in the 2019/20 year for allocation against suitable schemes

All proposals will be presented to a panel of representatives from across the route and our executive management team. Their recommendations will be presented to the Department for Transport for final approval.

Once a final list has been agreed, we send it to the Department for Transport, who make the final decision and grant approval.

The GWR line runs just outside of Warwickshire, along the south western edge of Stratford District.  Projects are sought "in close proximity to the line".  I've checked with GWR and "close proximity" doesn't have a tight definition, i.e. projects within Stratford District would be considered. Izzi Seccombe is keen that this is circulated.

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