As you know, Census Day is March 21. It is getting close and we need to ensure everyone completes their questionnaires.  Due to Covid restrictions and in the absence of communal gatherings, census completion will have to rely on 'on-the-ground' contacts - trusted individuals - to support those who might not be able to complete the census without help. 

Please circulate any information on Census2021 within newsletters you send out and on any social media platforms you use.

Please find attached below

  1. an informative Questions and Answers leaflet which should answer many queries about the census.
  2. some copy you can use for newsletters and social media posts (Twitter, instagram & Facebook).
  3. images for Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.
  4. a printable activity sheet for all with Census facts (A4 Landscape)
  5. copy for newsletters highlighting the importance of recording unpaid carers' hours

There are more downloadable 'resources' on the census page.https://census.gov.uk  

Please use your channels to emphasise the importance of the census. Funding for communities (as well as health, education, housing, care services etc ) is reliant on people completing their census forms. There is so much going on at the moment with Covid and vaccines that the voice of Census could get lost.

The Census will be vital in providing information on which to build post-Covid recovery. In particular, the importance of recording unpaid hours of care has been highlighted. Without accurate information, this care will go unrecognised. This in turn will lead to gaps in services and failure to support and provide for those supporting family or friends.

Several parish councils have said they would mobilise their 'trusted local volunteers and key members' to help (in a Covid safe way) those who might have difficulty completing their census forms - whether by giving support over the phone, encouraging family members to support, or should Covid restrictions allow, to help face-to-face. 

  1. Census 2021 Your questions answered (PDF)
  2. Census 2021 - Copy for Parish Councils (MS Word)
  3. Census 2021 - images for social media (zip file)
  4. Census 2021 Printable Activity Sheet (3mm bleed)
  5. Census 2021 - Recording Unpaid Care Hours (MS Word)