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Virtual Meetings and Co-option

Assuming that these are casual vacancies which have been duly notified to the Borough/District Council, and that the usual notices have been posted explaining that, if ten or more electors want an election they should inform the elections officer to that effect, and that none have done so within the 14 day period, then co-option can proceed.

There is no reason why co-options cannot be made at virtual meetings providing that due process has been observed in respect of allowing electors to demand an election. Please see the attached Guidance Note for further details. It may be that the elections officers at individual principal authorities have already issued a revised template notice advising the public of a casual vacancy having arisen; if not, the attached example may be used.

It should be borne in mind that if ten electors were to demand an election then under current emergency regulations no such election could be held prior to 7th May 2021 and it would not be possible to fill the vacancies.