Bill Grimsey

Bill Grimsey, author of the report Build, Back, Better, joins NALC's event series "Rebuilding Communities" on repairing the neglected social fabric of high streets, the need for a shift power away from government to local communities, and the importance of local leadership and the role Parish and Town Councils can play in developing high streets.

Today, Kim Slater of WRCC led a session based on Version 4 of the ACRE Re-opening Information Sheet issued on 20th July 2020 this can be downloaded from the WRCC website.

You can watch the video here

Shrewley Village

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the Annual Assembly and May Parish Council AGM were unfortunately cancelled. The July PC meeting was held on Zoom and our next meeting in September will also be held on Zoom. Please contact the Parish Clerk if you would like to join the meeting.

Lockdown loo is a free website that encourages organisations and members of the public to provide information on which public loos are open. Do have a check of your local area and update or add information to help people find local facilities.

Free posters and resources to help discourage littering

CiLCA Recognised Trainer logo

The SLCC have announced that effective 1st October 2020, the fee for taking CiLCA will increase to £410 (currently £350).

This increase has been considered and approved by the CiLCA Operations Group and the Improvement & Development Board both of which include representatives of County Associations.  In addition to general increases in costs, the increase will fund improvements to CiLCA through the 2020 review process and technical changes to EMMA.

LTN08: Elections has been updated to make it more relevant for the needs of local councils and to clarify our guidance on co-option. It is now called Elections and co-option. Legal briefing L15-08 has been removed from the website. Do please note that the updated LTN should be read in conjunction with our Legal Briefing L03-20

The National Association of Local Councils (NALC) has launched a new publication on website accessibility requirements.

The publication provides practical steps that local (parish and town) councils can follow to understand the new regulations, put in place an accessibility statement, and start plans to improve the accessibility of their website.

Risk Assessment cover

NALC and BHIB Councils Insurance have produced a new guide on risk assessment for COVID-19.

The guide features guidance and information to help make risk assessments and directs to useful resources from the government and the Health and Safety Executive, with specific details on how to adapt your risk assessments for COVID-19. The guide also contains two templates designed especially for local (parish and town) councils that will help start risk assessments.

Scam Alert Road Signs

The Government’s new NHS test and trace service is designed to trace people who might have come in to contact with someone who has coronavirus and help prevent the spread of the disease. Advice has been issued on how to spot fraudsters who may try to use NHS test and trace to steal personal and financial information and perpetrate scams.

The National Association of Local Councils (NALC) has today published its new edition of Points of Light, which showcases the excellent work of local (parish and town) councils in building stronger communities.

Stethoscope and mobile phone

The National Association of Local Councils (NALC) has teamed up with Team Doctor to offer local (parish and town) councils access to workplace-related resources.

NALC and Team Doctor are acutely aware that it is a tough time for people in local government. Therefore, we are offering local councils two months of access to Team Doctor resources at no cost.

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