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This funding is to support and enhance Warwickshire’s community engagement with the national test and trace programme, and the prevention messages in relation to reducing the risks of transmission of COVID-19.

Priority population groups have been identified and are set out below.   Work in any of the geographical areas of the county will be considered.

Current priority groups:

  • Young people and older populations
  • Low income households
  • Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Groups (BAME)
  • People with learning disabilities and/or learning difficulty
  • People whose first language is not English
  • People with long term conditions e.g. diabetes, obesity, asthma,
  • Inclusion health groups e.g. asylum seekers and refugees, Gypsy and Travellers, homeless people, sex workers

Key messages to be disseminated on behalf of Warwickshire County Council:

  • We want people to act quickly to get tested when they have symptoms.
  • We want people to feel confident that they understand the prevention measures such as hand and face hygiene, social distancing, and know the symptoms.
  • We want people to protect others by self-isolating when they have symptoms or a positive test, and to know what their households need to do.
  • We want people to continue to engage in these messages and not disengage as time progresses.
  • We want to reduce to zero the incidences of Covid-19 in Warwickshire.

The immediate need from a community engagement approach is to maximise reach into current priority groups, but there is recognition that this may change with new and emerging data.

Parish and town councils, as well as community groups, in Warwickshire are invited to apply for funding up to midday on the 26th February 2021.  Individual applications up to the amount of £1000 will be considered. Early applications are actively encouraged.

Examples of previous work that has been developed to support this process include:

  • Focus group work
  • Social media campaigns and dissemination/production of appropriate material

Commissioned examples of work within the council have also included the development of a rap by up-and-coming Coventry rapper Aaron Woodhouse aimed at young people regarding COVID19 safety and prevention messages.

Applications must be submitted using the application form to: .

WCC Community Engagement for Covid 19 Prevention Grant APPLICATION FORM

WCC Community Engagement for Covid 19 Prevention Grant GUIDANCE NOTES