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A message to employees of Serco UK.

Many colleagues will be feeling anxious as Coronavirus continues to affect the entire globe, but we may also be feeling inspired by the acts of kindness which are being seen in every community. 

The Serco Foundation - Serco’s independent charitable trust supporting vulnerable citizens internationally - is acting now to support those communities and groups which are responding in positive ways to this crisis, many of whom are also facing financial challenges.

We are today launching our Coronavirus Community Support Fund.  Put simply, this means that any Serco employee can nominate any voluntary organisation, known to you or your local community, which is providing meaningful and valuable support to others during this worldwide pandemic.

This might be a food bank offering supplies to isolated people, or a local charity caring for the elderly or disabled. It might be a community or religious centre providing mental and physical care to those in greatest need, or a not-for-profit education provider helping parents while schools are shut.

We are particularly keen to offer grants to organisations supporting:

  • the elderly;
  • the vulnerable; and
  • those affected by school closures.

If you are a Serco employee and know of a good cause which could benefit from financial support at this time, please email details of any local heroes through the Serco Foundation.