SALIX Loans for Parish Councils

Salix are accepting applications from Parish, Town and Community Councils at any time and have interest-free funding available.  For street lighting projects, Salix have project compliance criteria that projects must be repaid to Salix in a maximum 5 years and a maximum cost of £191 per tonne of carbon dioxide saved.

salix logoThis is calculated for you by an easy to use compliance tool. More information about the loan funding available for Parish Councils can be found on Salix's website here.

Salix ask for 4 elements in every application:

  1. Application form – this includes contact details the main project contact and the authorising official.
  2. Compliance Tool – this excel based tool tells you automatically if the project is compliant based on the energy and financial savings
  3. Supporting information – more detailed calculations showing a breakdown of the lamps, wattage, operating hours, showing pre and post kWhrs etc.
  4. Technical specifications – details of the specific equipment that is being installed as part of the project. This can be the manufacturer’s specification.

Approval must also be granted before borrowing a sum of money by the Secretary of State by way of the Ministry for Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG), formally the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG).

WALC can support Parishes with the application process; they must follow the guidance provided for the Public Works Loan Board application form and guidance which is available from WALC.

This would also be the process should a Parish wish to borrow from a bank.

 For further information on borrowing please visit this Members page

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