Councillors from Other Authorities

The role of Councillors from Districts, Boroughs, County Councils and Unitary Authorities at Parish Council meetings.

It is good practice to invite these Councillors to PC meetings so that they can report on activities that their authorities have been involved with or their future plans.

They may also have access to some funding that they can invite the PC to bid for.

They can also feedback on comments made by Parish Councils that may relate to decisions made, or being made, by their respective authority.  If those Councillors are involved in decision making committees (including planning) they have a responsibility to listen to all the views expressed at their committees and the guidance of their officers and to vote accordingly.

These Councillors may be invited to around 10 Parish Councils but they do not have to agree with the positions of those parishes. Each decision will be made in isolation and the evidence presented at their committees may or may not support the Parish Council’s position.

Parish Councils can try to persuade these Councillors to support their views but they do not have any direct control over them and of course the reverse is also true.