Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service is currently consulting with its communities on the following two plans:

  • The location of a new fire station which it is proposed should be located on Symmetry Park, north of the A45/M45 roundabout, adjacent to the B4429 Coventry Road, and the proposal to relocate a fire engine and crew to this location
  • Potential locations for fire stations in Nuneaton and North Warwickshire

The views of the public are important to the Service so if you wish to take part in the consultations please fill in the on-line surveys between 06 May 2019 and 16 June 2019 by visiting the following websites:
Consultation on additional fire station in Rugby
Nuneaton and North Warwickshire fire station locations

If you would prefer to complete a paper version of the survey, you can request one by calling 01926 423231 or by emailing

Alternatively, please write to the Service Improvement Team, Warwickshire Fire and Rescue, Service Headquarters, Warwick Street, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, CV32 5LH.

(Alternative formats and languages can be made available on request).

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Department for Transport consultation on Traffic Commissioners

  • Send your views to Chris Borg at NALC by email to
  • Deadline: 11 June 2019, 

Click here to read the news story on the NALC website.

Forward to the Consultation

This consultation document is seeking views on changing the rules to allow operators who meet certain conditions, to commence vehicle operations as soon as possible. Government is also seeking views on whether to create the power to introduce formal Tribunal Rules for the tribunal functions carried out by traffic commissioner.

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This survey is written by commissioners of Warwickshire’s Warm and Well fuel poverty service. This service is currently delivered by Act on Energy.

Services provided include:

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The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) recently launched a consultation on freedom of information called Openness by design (the ICO draft access to information strategy). This document and consultation have implications for wider local government and NALC will be responding.  The final deadline for responses is 8 March 2019. Do please respond directly to the online survey or email your views to  to help inform the NALC response.

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Newquay Town Council is preparing to submit a proposal under the Sustainable Communities Act in relation to allowing local councils the power to enforce civil parking regulations.  This will be supported by NALC which has also had a long standing policy position on this matter for some years.

In Newquay there have been significant issues with anti-social on-street parking, which is compounded by a lack of enforcement in more remote or residential areas. This is creating serious safety issues, particularly at junctions or along narrow streets – preventing access to emergency services. Whilst a year-round issue, as a tourist destination, this worsens during the summer months where the road network is brought to a standstill.

The government has published their parkrun consultation response, which Iconcludes that legislation is not necessary at this point. In NALC's written response to last year’s consultation, NALC strongly opposed the introduction of any measures which will remove the ability of local (parish and town) councils to charge for park-based activities including Parkrun. However, the government remains of the view that local authorities should not charge Parkrun or other organisations that currently provide free-to-enter running events, and intends to publish non-statutory guidance which will make very clear that local authorities should never charge for local Parkrun events. NALC will be liaising further with officials and ministers on this issue.

Article taken from NALCs Chief executive's bulletin 20 December 2018.

Read the NALC response on the Landscapes review

There are no further consultations that we are aware of at this time