Warwickshire County Couoncil consultations

As a county council we want Warwickshire to be the best it can be, sustainable now and for future generations.

Closes 20 October 2019

We know we face pressures from increasing demand for services and further uncertainty on our long term resources. We are tackling these challenges from a strong base: we manage our finances responsibly and our staff are engaged, committed and passionate about delivering the best possible outcomes for our communities. 

We are focused on the future and want to set out our plans for the next five years. What are our objectives, how do we prioritise our actions, and how will we fund them? 

It’s important for us to know if what we are planning is important to you. Where would you prioritise the council’s work? Should we be spending more on certain services? Are there areas where you think we could spend less in order to afford to do this? We also welcome your suggestions about specific things we should do to deliver our objectives and achieve our three priority outcomes, and your ideas for how we should be tackling climate change.

Give us your views

To find out more and complete our online questionnaire please use this link or visit http://www.warwickshire.gov.uk/ask

Article taken from Warwickshire County Council e-bulletin 24 September 2019