We welcomed and congratulated C Cllr Les Caborn following the recent County Council elections and look forward to working together. Cllr Caborn is the portfolio holder for Adult Social Care and Health.           

WCC Report - The next Warwick Rural West meeting is on 28th September. A meeting had also been arranged to discuss the overgrown area at Five Ways island with Cllr Tilley.

WDC Report –.Due to recent events at Grenfell Tower the high rise residential buildings have been inspected and none of the properties in the District have the cladding that was used on Grenfell Tower.  Last year’s accounts have been finalised and the surplus of £440k has been moved to reserves. Utility companies have caused ongoing delays in the development of the District’s Leisure Centres and increased construction costs. 

Moving WDC to WCC offices in Barrack Street has been discussed as a possibility but this would increase costs.  The redevelopment of St Marys Land at the back of the racecourse is being considered with a new hotel on site. The Local Plan consultation on the Inspector’s amendments closed on the 5th May and further news on the anticipated progress will be released later this year. Cllr Alan Rhead will be inviting all town and parish Chairs to attend a meeting to discuss gypsy and traveller sites.

Investigation of fly tipping in a local field in Stoney Lane revealed the details of the possible culprit. These items have been passed to WDC for further investigation which could lead to prosecution.

Shrewley Parish Parents -  Matt Black has submitted a pre-application to WDC Planning Department for the children’s playground.  The Planning Department is expected to be broadly supportive but the site may be affected by Green Belt criteria. 

Details of future SPPG events will be advertised on Notice Boards and Shrewley website. For more details contact Eliza 07891871297 or

Friends of Hatton Station – Many thanks to Graham Bamford, Dave Appleby, Cllr Morley-Brown and Mark Beaglehole for volunteering to help with the watering. More volunteers are needed so please contact Cllr Tilley.  Watering cans and water provided!

Neighbourhood Watch – Residents are warned that burglaries of shed/outbuildings in the parish are on the increase.  Please ensure you have adequate security in place. Low cost shed alarms are a good deterrent.

Adoption of BT Payphones in Shrewley Common, Little Shrewley and Hatton Station – Contracts are being completed with BT.  Local residents have volunteered to carry out any maintenance required as well as looking into alternative use.

Highway and Public Footpath/Towpath Maintenance and RepairNunhold Road edging and drainage has been completed to a very high standard. Repair to the potholes on the Station Road S bend has been ordered. Siding back the footways on Shrewley Common green by the bus shelter using the Community Payback Scheme will be carried out soon. The cutting back of vegetation on the south side of Five Ways island is now on the contractor’s rota. The repair to the verge outside 72 Station Road, Hatton Station, and siding back of the opposite verge will be completed when the encroaching hedge has been cut back by the land owner. The canal towpath to the west of Shrewley tunnel has been tidied and cut back to a very high standard. A list of road faults scheduled for rectification can be viewed on www.shrewley.org.  A Public Footpath Report is also available detailing the current state of parish footpaths. If you know of any paths that require clearing, please let us AND the landowner know!

Village Hall The Village Hall has been busy with events and ongoing refurbishments. A new cabinet for the amplifier system; increased storage space behind the bar and a larger electric screen have all been installed.  The field behind the Village Hall has improved drainage and the site has been levelled.  For all Village Hall events see Parish/ Village Hall notice boards and website www.shrewley.org

Parish Clerk - Eleanor Choudry 07785327513

Next Meeting – Monday 4th September at 7.45pm

All residents of Shrewley are welcome

This newsletter is published after the Parish Council meeting. It is also available on the website – www.shrewley.org. If you would like to receive a copy of this newsletter by email, please send your email address to the Parish Clerk at .