Helen Eldridge Passes CiLCA

Well done to Helen Eldridge, of Leek Wootton & Guys Cliffe Parish Council, on passing the CiLCA qualification.

Helen writes about her achievement here:

"I am so pleased and relieved to have achieved my CiLCA. To be honest, it has been a very big wall for me to climb, having struggled a lot with the format of the qualification and a combination of factors.

I am very grateful to my Council, which has been nothing but supportive and patient with me throughout. Unfortunately, my first Chairman, Colin Smith, died last summer, but his kindness and support helped me massively with confidence in the first years and his loss drove me to finally complete the qualification as a tribute.

I am also grateful to everyone at training sessions who has supported me, especially Gill Lungley and fellow Clerk Jane Chatterton.

A number of people have used the expression "onwards and upwards" and the Parish Council will now consider declaring General Power of Competence and the Local Council Award Scheme. As for me, I am looking forward to enjoying a summer break and considering taking on additional clerkships in the future."