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Introduction to Local Council Administration ILCA

The Essential Knowledge for all new clerks in England and Wales    

This new online sector specific learning tool will support all new council clerks in their roles in the first few months of employment, as well as those hoping to go on and complete their CiLCA qualification. The aim of the course is to provide an introduction to the work of a local council, the clerk and its councillors.

Why take ILCA?

Working with a local council really makes a difference in the community. Whether clerk or councillor, qualified and trained people are needed to carry out challenging roles. A council of quality embraces learning and development among councillors and staff. Appropriate training provides a council with the necessary tools to be effective. Clerks and councillors should both understand the legal framework, how a council operates, how responsibilities are allocated and how to manage council activities and finances. The course doesn't cover every detail, but you become more aware of questions to ask and sources of advice and information. If parts of the course are not relevant to your work, you find out what might happen in other councils. If the course doesn't go far enough, it remains a useful introduction to core principles.

What will you learn?

The easy to use programme can be studied in your own time whilst you find your feet in your new role. The course is in five sections based on the Occupational Standards established by the National Training Strategy in England.

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