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 CiLCA RT 270

What do you have to do to start the CiLCA portfolio?
  1. Decide you want to complete the qualification and get the support of your council

  2. Candidates should sign up with WALC for CiLCA Training before registering for the qualification. 
    >   This will ensure that candidates are well prepared before the 12  month clock starts ticking!
    >   Training will be invoiced at the outset at the rate of £100.00* per candidate.
    >   This fee covers all training sessions; networking sessions and mentoring.

  3. Download the portfolio guide and start your portfolio.

  4. Training will consist of three half day sessions; each session is held twice a year.
    There will also be three networking events a year to enable candidates to get together and swap ideas and thoughts.
    You will be eligible for 2 hours of one to one mentoring with the tutor to get your portfolio ready to submit; this can be taken as face to face sessions, by telephone and by email.

  5. Having completed the first two training sessions**, candidates should then register for CiLCA with the SLCC
    The timeframe for completing the qualification, after registering, is 12 months. 


*You can claim £60.00 cash back from WALC once you have registered with SLCC to start submitting your portfolio. (see the cashback claim form link)

**To help CiLCA candidates keep the momentum with the qualification we ask that people registered on the WALC CiLCA training scheme sign up with SLCC to start submitting their portfolio before coming to the final (3rd) session of the training. The intention is to prevent candidates delaying their registration and wasting the training.  This process will start the clock running as they complete our training and therefore maximise the benefit of it.

  •  Completing the CILCA award is worth 20 CPD points; attending each training session is worth 1.5 CPD points; each hour of mentoring will be worth 0.5 CPD points.

CiLCA and the Local Council Award Scheme

A qualified Clerk will enable a Council to consider Silver or Gold Levels. A council may also be able to use the General Power of Competence under the localism act of 2011 which give Councils far greater scope to use their funds.       

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