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Registration and Booking

Places cannot be reserved on any WALC or WTP event without the completion of a registration form.

Delegate Cancellations

Any cancellations must be received in writing at least 7 days before the event or the full fee will be payable. This is reduced to 5 days for online events.

Member Offers & Discounts

The following member discounts will be available from January 2018 (where capacity allows)

To get the free place offers the delegate must attend the same event as the paying delegate(s). 

Delegate Details

It is the responsibility of the person booking to check the spelling of delegates names on the confirmation emails advise of any changes, as this will be used for all event contents, badges and certificates and registration documents.

Photography and Recordings

We may take photos at the event which are likely to be used in any of the following ways

We may record online (Zoom) events which may be used in any of the following ways

  if you object to your image being used in this way please inform us in writing prior to the event.

Course Cancellations or Changes

It may be necessary, for reasons beyond the control of WALC, to change the content and timing of the programme, the speaker, the date or the venue.  In the unlikely event of any event being cancelled, WALC will automatically refund any course costs paid, but disclaim any further liability.  Travel costs will not be reimbursed.

Requests for advice on individual issues raised before, during or after training sessions

Trainers will give information in relation to the actual course content only, they are unable to answer individual requests for advice unless they feel the query is of relevance and benefit to all the delegates present. Any queries not falling into this category can be put up through your council (i.e. raised at a council meeting) and the council can ask the clerk to raise a helpdesk ticket.

Sponsors and Exhibitors

WALC invite exhibitors to conferences, seminars and the AGM to give councillors and clerks the opportunity to meet with the exhibitors to find out more about the service they provide and recent innovations. The presence of an exhibitor does not imply an endorsement by WALC or by individual officers of WALC.

Where WALC have received sponsorship from an organisation (as shown on the Annual Conference, Clerks Seminar and AGM agendas and the Annual Report) this does not imply an endorsement by WALC or by individual officers of WALC.

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