Introduction to changing behaviours

In this course, best selling author and leading authority on resilience and behavoural agiliyt, Liggy Webb, teaches us how we can rewire our brains to form new neural connections, freeing ourselves from pre-learnt behaviours to bring about positive change.

Duration: 20 minutes
Price: Members £16 per learner
Non members £35 per learner


After completing the course, learners will be able to:

  • Be aware of how habits and behaviours form
  • Understand the psychological habit loop
  • Identify and focus on what you want to change
  • Set yourself an action plan to make positive behavioural changes


Topics explored in this course, An Introduction to Changing Behaviours:

  • Challenges with changing behaviour
  • Understanding habits
  • Forming new habits
  • Identifying behaviours & motives to change
  • Rewiring neural pathways
  • Recognition & reward