Role of the County Committee

The CountyCommittee has a very important role on behalf of its member Parish and Town Councils as it is responsible for the use of the member council subscriptions, more specifically it:                                 

  1. Manages, controls and administers the affairs of the CountyAssociation. 
  2. Replies on behalf of the Association to communications and consultation documents from Governmental and other bodies and persons, and the National Association of Local Councils. (NALC)
  3. Represents the Association on behalf of member councils on various outside bodies.
  4. Members are requested to send a report of such meetings to the WALC office for distribution to county committee members and when appropriate to member councils.
  5. Incurs such expenses, acquires and disposes of such property, enters into such commitments or arrangements and employ personnel or agents as may be suitable for carrying the policy of the CountyAssociation.
  6. Controls the finances, banking and investment of the CountyAssociation’s funds.
  7. No money shall be borrowed by or on behalf of the CountyAssociation without the CountyCommittee’s consent.
  8. Presents an annual report and submits the audited accounts to the Association’s AGM.
  9. Elects the Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the CountyAssociation from amongst the members of the CountyCommitte

Membership of the County Committee 

The CountyCommittee is made up of parish and town councillors voted for at the AGM, or directly nominated from Association Area Committees, and from Parish and Town Councils with more than 9000 electors.

The Committee has a policy of reimbursing members’ travelling expenses when attending meetings on behalf of the Association.

The Association pays for three of its members to attend the National Association of Local Councils’ AGM and Annual Conference.

Cycle of Meetings

On average four meetings a year are held, generally in January, April, July and October.  They are held in the evening on various days of the week to accommodate members own parish council meetings, generally in Warwick as it is central for the county. The AGM is held at the end of October.

The very successful Annual Briefing Day is usually held in March and CountyCommittee members pay a substantially reduced delegate’s fee. 

Procedure for  nominations to the County Committee 

For representatives from parish and town councils without an Area Committee of the Association, a nomination form with a short biography should be submitted to the CountySecretary three weeks before the AGM

Names and contact details of representatives directly nominated from Active Area Committees and Councils with more than 9000 electors should be submitted to the CountySecretary three weeks before the AGM.  At present there are Active Area Committees for those member Councils in the Stratford West, Stratford South, Areas of Stratford upon Avon District,  Rugby, North Warwicks, Warwick and  Solihull Areas.

The CountyCommittee may exercise its right to co-opt members anytime during the year.

Please contact the CountySecretary for forms and further details, at the WALC offices