WALC Area Committees for Parish and Town Councils have been in existence for many years in specific areas of the County. Over the past year Committees have been re-invigorated and re-established so that all parish and town councils are covered by an Area Committee. The geographical breakdown of the six committees and the secretaries to each is given below.

These Area Committees differ from Community Forums in that they are exclusively for parish and town councils and members of the public are not invited. They exist to assist parish and town councils with their role and provide a forum for councils to consider their relationship with principal authorities and other agencies, and for the sharing of how to resolve common problems and good practice. By illustration, the WALC Rugby Area Committee recently held a very successful event briefing parish councils on County Council’s and Police Authority’s policy with regard to Gypsies and Travellers. Councils now know who to contact and how to react in the event of these people moving into their parishes.

The purposes and benefits of the Committees can be summarised as follows: to provide a forum exclusive to Parish and Town Councils in specified areas to

  • a combined response to matters affecting a specific area
  • the formulation of joint policy and a forum for exploring partnership
  • working between neighbouring or a group of parishes
  • the sharing of experiences and good practice between councils
  • the exchange of information and views
  • the briefing of parishes on topics which concern a specific area
  • the appointment of parish representatives from that area to
  • outside bodies
  • the right of direct appointment of members to the County Committee of
  • the Warwickshire and West Midlands Association of Local Councils




Stratford on Avon District Area

  • WALC Parish Liaison for Stratford West includes all the parishes in the Alcester/Bidford and the Henley/Studley Community Forum areas. 
  • WALC Stratford Area South Committee includes all those in the Stour/Shipston locality forum areas. 
  • WALC Stratford Central and East Area Committee. The final one covers the locality forums for Stratford Town, Wellesbourne/Kineton and Southam/Feldon. 

These groupings are brought together under one Area Committee called the WALC Parish Liaison Committee for Stratford on Avon District
Karen Parnell is the secretary to this grouping.  Contact

WALC Warwick Area Committee covers all councils in Warwick District.
Dr Sue Owen is the secretary for this area Comittee.  Contact

WALC North Warwickshire Area Committee has been active for many years and covers all those parishes in North Warwickshire Borough.

Paulette Simkin is the secretary to this Area Committee. Contact

WALC Rugby Area Committee is also very active, and covers all the parishes in Rugby Borough. 
Cllr Dan Essex is the secretary to this Area Committee.  Contact 

WALC Solihull Area Committee 
Rosie Weaver is the secretary to this Area Committee.  Contact