Ref.    Topic Section
LTN01   Councils \ Powers to Dischrge their Functions Council business
LTN02    The Chairman of Local Councils Council business
LTN03    The powers of a parish meeting in a parish without a separate Parish Council Council business
LTN04    The powers of a community meeting in a community without a separate Community Council Council business
LTN05    Parish Town & Community Council Meetings Council business
LTN06   Meetings of Parish Meetings Council business
LTN07  Non-Councillor Members of Committees Council business
LTN08  Elections Council business
LTN09  H&ling Complaints Council business
LTN10  Royal Visits Council business
LTN11  Celebrations & Similar Events Council business
LTN12  Titles of Dignity Council business
LTN13  Policing your area Crime & Disorder
LTN14E  Byelaws Council business
LTN15  Legal Proceedings Legal Proceedings
LTN16  Control of Litter Planning/ licencing
LTN17  Control of Dogs Planning/ licencing
LTN18  Local Councils\' Power to Provide Parking Spaces Highways & Parking*
LTN19 Wheelclamping Highways & Parking*
LTN20 Markets & other Events Other
LTN21 Local Council help for Village Halls Council business
LTN22 Disciplinary and Grievance Arrangements Employment
LTN23 Health & Safety Health & Safety*
LTN24 The Human Rights Act 1998 Legal Proceedings
LTN25   Sex Discrimination Discrimination*
  Race Discrimination Discrimination*
LTN27   Disability Discrimination Discrimination*
LTN28 Basic Charity Law Charity*
LTN29 Straying Animals Land & Property*
LTN30 Defamation Council business
LTN31 Section 137 of the Local Government Act 1972 Council business
LTN32 Local Councils & VAT Council business
LTN33 Councillors\' Allowances Council business
LTN34 Retirement Gratuities Employment
LTN35 Contracts Contract
LTN36 Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977 Contract
LTN37 Freedom of Information Information Law
LTN38 Data Protection Information Law
LTN39 Copyright Information Law
LTN40 Local Councils\' Documents & Records Council business
LTN41 The Responsibilities of Councils as Landowners Land & Property
LTN42 Occupiers Liability Land & Property
LTN43 Private Access to Council Land Land & Property
LTN44 Trespass to Land Land & Property
LTN45 Disposal & Appropriation of Land by Local Councils Land & Property
LTN46 Registered Land Land & Property
LTN47 Easements Land & Property
LTN48 The Difference between Leases & Licenses Land & Property
LTN49 Business Tenancies Land & Property
LTN50 The Agricultural Tenancies Act 1995 Land & Property
LTN51 Agricultural Holdings Act 1986 Land & Property
LTN52 Temporary Use of Allotment Land Land & Property
LTN53 Protection of Common Land Land & Property
LTN54 Protection of Ownerless Common Land Land & Property
LTN55 Claiming Ownerless Land Land & Property
LTN56 The Provision of Play & Sports Equipment on Village Greens Land & Property
LTN57 Easements over Common Land & Village Greens Land & Property
LTN58 Planning Planning/ licencing
LTN59 The Rights of Local Councils to be notified of Planning Applications & Decisions Planning/ licencing
LTN60 Copies of Planning Documents Planning/ licencing
LTN61 The Status of Parish Town & Community Councils at Public Enquiries Planning/ licencing
LTN62 Planning Control over Agricultural Land & Buildings Planning/ licencing
LTN63 Planning & Building Control Enforcement Planning/ licencing
LTN64 Tombstones & Memorials Burial Grounds*
LTN65 Closed Churchyards & Disused Burial Grounds Burial Grounds*
LTN66 Nuisance (Public & Statutory) Land & Property
LTN67 Nuisance (Private) Land & Property
LTN68 Negligence Land & Property
LTN69 ASBOs & Harrassment Legal Proceedings
LTN70 Clean Neighbourhoods & Environment Act 2005 Planning/ licencing
LTN71 Naming & Numbering of Streets Highways & Parking*
LTN72 Highways Highways & Parking*
LTN73 Community Governance Reviews Council business
LTN74 Alternative names & styles for parish councils Council business
LTN75 Lease Negotiations Land & Property
LTN76 Energy performance requirements Land & Property
LTN77 Public Rights of Way Highways & Parking*
LTN78 The Equality Act 2010 Employment
LTN79 Staff Pensions Employment
LTN80 Members\' conduct & the registration & disclosure interests (EngLand)  Code of Conduct
LTN81 Pre-Determination Council business
LTN82 Compulsory Purchase orders Land & Property
LTN83 Neighbourhood Planning Planning/ licencing
LTN84  Community Right to Challenge (EngLand)  Community Law*
LTN85 The Community Right to Nominate & Bid for Assets of Community Value (EngLand)  Community Law*
LTN87   Procurement Finance
LTN88   Event Licencing Planning/ licencing

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